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Stochastyczny model rozwoju mikrostruktury i własności metali poddawanych obróbce cieplno-mechanicznej
(Stochastic approach to modelling microstructure evolution and properties of metals subjected to thermomechanical processing)
NCN project no.: 2017/25/B/ST8/01823


Objectives and scientific problem aimed to be solved

To prove the main hypothesis of the project the general objective was proposed as development of the distribution functions describing such features of microstructure as elements distribution in different phases, dislocation density, grain size and morphology, and size of precipitates. Adaptation of existing microstructure evolution and phase transformation models to stochastic independent variables is one of the aims.

The main objective of the project is solution of differential equations describing evolution of materials microstructure for stochastic variables. Such a solution is possible using numerical methods (eg. Monte Carlo). These methods are computationally expensive and prove of the existence and uniqueness of the solution is problematic. Therefore, particular objectives of the project are focused on exploring possibilities of analytical solution of differential evolution equations.

Since proposed solutions are computationally expensive, simplification of the computational domain is the next objective. RVE is substituted by the Statistically Similar Representative Volume Element (SSRVE).

The global scientific goal of the project is focused on expanding computational capabilities in material modelling, in order to predict advanced microstructure parameters and material properties. In consequence, an efficient tool for the design of manufacturing of new generation multiphase materials will be created.

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