Laboratory of Embedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence (building B5, room 111)

Laboratory 111 is dedicated to work with embedded systems and artificial intelligence.
Creative students lab has the dedicated tools for designing electronic systems and construction of mobile robots. The laboratory is equipped with:


  • microcontrollers (RPi3, Arduino, Arietta G25),
  • camera HD,
  • engines,
  • gyroscopes, accelerometers, compasses
  • distance measurement sensors,
  • workbench,
  • table drill,
  • angle grinder,
  • soldering iron station,
  • tools for designing and building robots
  • robotic football management system, two playgrounds and robots,
  • fast firewire camera (UI-5240CP-C-HQ),
  • devices for monitoring brain wave activity (Mindwave, Emotive EPOC).




Members of Creative group are involved with the following projects:

  • disability support systems based on Kinect 2.0,
  • heterogeneous autonavigation,
  • segway for the disabled,
  • mobile robotic football,
  • drone,
  • brainwave activity computer controlling system for supporting disabilities,
  • remote control arm,
  • mobile water monitoring system,
  • mobile environment monitoring system (SmogoMetr).