Laboratory of Stereoscopic Graphics (building B5, room 201b)

The Barco Gemini is a package with two high-brightness circular polarized projectors, pre-aligned mechanics, non-depolarizing projection screen and matched stereo glasses. Presented system can be used in visualisation systems for automotive  design, oil & gas exploration, architecture engineering construction (AEC) and medical, pharmaceutical and scientific research, for  presentation of simulations results in material science like FEM, mesh-less methods, cellular automata, multi-scale modeling and others.

The construction of the software to the stereoscopic visualization of results can be performed and tested using system comprising two Gemini Barco IQ R500 LCD projectors which works with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution and OpenGL with nVidia Quad-buffed graphics card (Quadro FX Series). A modular mechanical structure has been designed for ceiling mount installation.